Calorique USA Manufactured Radiant Ceiling Heat

Calorique LLC is the Premier USA Manufacturer of Electric Radiant Ceiling Heat. Calorique’s technology is superior to any other. Thin film panels staple to the underside of ceiling joists. 3 Popular sized widths are designed for standard joist spacing of 12″, 16″ and 24″ on center. Perfectly Warm Ceiling Heat is Primary heat and warms you naturally just like

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Check out our new product categories using our easy-to-browse format. Read how Calorique’s Perfectly Warm brand of floor heat provides systems for every floor covering without the limitations of electric wire radiant heat. See how Calorique Perfectly Clear outshines any competition for all DeIcing Products including concealed modular deice panels, gutter heat ribbons and concrete

What is Radiant Heat

What is Radiant Heat ? Radiant heat transfer occurs when infrared light leaves the surface of an object and travels to the surface(s) of other cooler objects. Unlike conduction and convection, radiant heat transfer does not require a fluid or solid material between the two objects transferring heat. It only requires a space between the