Professional gardeners and greenhouse operators know that plants grow faster and healthier when their roots are warm. Calorique Kwik Grow provides faster seed start dates during seed germination and also helps extend the growing season for mature plants. When you want to keep your plants warm and healthy, Calorique’s ‘KwikGrow’ is one of the most efficient root zone heating solutions available. Calorique’s plant heat elements provide optimal levels of heat for any plant bed in addition to supporting seed germination and extension of the growing season.

Agricultural Heating
Agricultural -Kwik Grow Mats

Assembly Procedure of KwikGrow Root Zone Heaters

Materials Required:

  • Heating Element
  • Laminated bus bars (LBB.25.003 w/psa)
  • 3 conductor power cord with brass connectors attached (Cor-5C)
  • Individual connector (FC-1001A)
  • Sealant – silicone or polyurethane
  • Black Insulator Set (FB-2000 – 1 lg & 3 sm in set)

Tooling Required:

  • Crimping Tool (FCT-104)
  • 2 hole hard tool
  • 4 hole hard tool

Assembly Procedure:

  1. Cut heating element to desired length at cut lines
  2. Peel back foil from bus bar on one end 6.33mm and 3.17mm from side of bus bars
  3. Using two-hole punch, punch holes straddling bus bars. Do not puncture buss bars or conductive carbon or silver
  4. Apply sealant and assembly the two halves of small black insulator over bus bars. At opposite end peel back foil as on first end on left side (foil facing up) after peeling back foil crimp on laminated bus bar to exposed bus bar and seal as on opposite end. On right side (foil facing up) peel back foil from bus bar and punch holes using 4 hole punch
  5. Crimp on power cord as follows: white wire to bus bar, green wire to foil and black to laminated bus bar
  6. Fill large insulator with sealant and assembly over connections
  7. Check resistance in accordance to heating element used

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