Calorique designs custom thin-film products for Industrial, Medical, Agricultural, Reptile, Automotive, Military, Flooring, Ceiling, Roofing, De-icing, and Construction Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Applications include heating, targeting, RFID, antenna, and printed electronic solutions. Our innovative design team and unique production capability allows us to support high volume output and we are best positioned to provide innovative solutions and fulfill demanding requirements.

Since Calorique materials are produced by a printing process, they can be customized in ways that are not possible with other manufacturing processes. For example, large rolls of heating material can be produced of hundreds of feet in length, or they can be produced as single small pieces in various shapes. Elements can be printed in virtually any shape and die cut for easy installation. In addition, differential printing allows the resistance of any single printed strip or group of strips to be increased or decreased in various places on a heater. Thus, a specific pattern of different temperatures can be produced within the element. In our standard products, Watts densities of 0-150 Watts/sq. ft are currently supported and temperatures up to 194 degrees F (90 degrees C) are also supported. Higher watt densities and temperatures can be designed for custom applications.

Leveraging our Expertise:

We acknowledge our expertise in developing new and unique heating technology and leverage our partners marketing expertise to exploit the potential opportunities which may exist.

We are on hand to provide the heating components and technology and look to our partners to provide the marketing and selling infrastructure for the custom products which we manufacture

OEM customers often embed Calorique elements inside or adjacent to their standard products to essentially fabricate new product variants. These new “enhanced” OEM products add new features to a company’s baseline products such as heating, de-icing, RFID, infrared profiles, or other electronic functions.

One of the standard Calorique materials may already suit your requirements exactly. But if not, we will work with you to design a printed element to meet your specific needs. Please contact Calorique directly to discuss OEM product services.

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