Retro Floor Heat – Interior Heating

Have a floor you regret not heating? With Perfectly Warm Retro Floor Heat there is no need to replace your existing floor. Installed below the sub floor Perfectly Warm Retro Floor Heat is an easy way to heat any floor already installed in your home.

Easy Installation:

  1. Cut to length
  2. Staple between joists (12, 16, and 24 inch on center)
  3. Connect to thermostat

Ideal for:

  • All floor coverings


  • Energy Efficient: Pennies per day to operate.
  • Easy to install: Cut to length. Staple to joists below the sub floor to heat any existing floor. No alarms or rapair kits needed.
  • Safety: GFCI protected. UL certified.
  • Smart Controls: Touch screen 7 day, 4 settings per day, programable thermostat with floor sensor. Wifi enabled smart thermostat allows you to program and/or set your thermsotat from your smart phone.
  • Best in class warranty 25 year warranty with no maintenance required.

25 Year Warranty UL 100% Efficient

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