Radiant Subfloor Heat

Designed for both Primary Heating and Supplemental Heating, Calorique’s Perfectly Warm Radiant Subfloor Heating System is designed to bring gentle and controlled warmth to most any room – both safely, and efficiently. Our Perfectly Warm Radiant Subfloor Heat provides a natural form of heat- the kind the human body is designed to absorb. It’s healthy because it moves no air and in turn can prevent the circulation of allergens. Pure and simple maintenance free Thermal Comfort for people and objects in the room. This radiant subfloor heating system installs easily by stapling to the sides of the floor joists underneath the sub floor. The system is Comfort Controlled by the use of a recommended thermostat and can be used in conjunction with renewable energy sources such as solar and photo voltaic systems.

When used to compliment more traditional yet inefficient heating systems, Calorique’s Perfectly Warm Floor Subfloor Heating System can help extend the life of your existing System without additional maintenance costs. A simple Heat Loss Calculation can be performed to determine how many watts are required to heat the space.
The UL Certification, ease of installation, and 25 Year Product Limited Warranty, makes Calorique’s Perfectly Warm Radiant Subfloor heat the perfect choice. It’s ideal for New Construction and can be Retro-Fit into existing homes and new additions. A Healthy, Safe and Silent product that’s 100% energy efficient- Manufactured in the USA !

Cert 25

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  • Specifications
    FLR13P8W240V13″ Wide Heating Element designed for installation between floor joists with 12″ on center, 8W/panel13″12.6″250 Panels240V80.034
    FLR17P10W240V17″ Wide Heating Element designed for installation between floor joists with 16″ on center, 10W/Panel17″12.6″250 Panels240V100.042
    FLR25P17W240V25″ Wide Heating Element designed for installation between floor joists with 24″ on center, 17W/Panel25″12.6″250 Panels240V170.071
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  • Accessories
    ACC-25Connectors & Insulators25 eachSetn/a
    ACC-50Connectors & Insulators50 eachSetn/a
    FCT-104ACrimp ToolCalibrated Crimp ConnectionsHand tooln/a
    ACC-50-240VElectrical WireRed and BlackUF, 12 ga single conductor50′ Red 50′ Black
    ACC-100-240VElectrical WireRed and BlackUF,12 ga single conductor100′ Red, 100′ Black
    TST-ADG-4999ThermostatOJ ElectronicsProgrammablen/a
    TST-UDG-4999ThermostatOJ Electronics for bathrooms and wet areas onlyProgrammablen/a
    ASG-4000Power Module for excess Amperage over 15OJ Electronics with built in EGFPDn/a